Wireless Access for Guests of SF State

Guest Wireless Network Guide (SFStateGuest)

The SFStateGuest wireless network is a courtesy service now available to guests of SF State. To use this network, guests register for the service which will provide access to one device for 12 hours (renewable). Current students, employees, and community members should use the SFState wireless network.


Connecting via Windows 8 OS or higher   

  1. Click on the Network icon located at the bottom right corner of the task bar.
    network icon bottom right corner
  2. Click on the SFStateGuest network from the list of available networks.
    connect to sfstateguest network
  3. Click on Connect. If you want to connect automatically to this network in the future, check the box next to Connect automatically.
    certificate pop-up, click connect
  4. The network status Connected will appear.
    connected to SFStateGuest network
  5. Open a web browser to register and login to the SFStateGuest wireless network.

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Connecting via Mac OS version 10.8.5 or higher

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon on the menu toolbar and select Turn Wi-Fi On.
    turn Wi-Fi on
  2. Select SFStateGuest network from the list of available networks.
    select sfstateguest network
  3. Open a web browser to register and login to the SFStateGuest wireless network.

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Connecting via a Mobile Device

  1. Click on the Wi-Fi Settings for your mobile device and select the SFStateGuest network.
  2. Open a web browser to register and login to the SFStateGuest wireless network.

Register to use SFStateGuest Wireless Network

  1. The SF State Guest Wireless Registration form will open when a web browser is launched. Registration requires the following information:
    Your Name, Phone Number, non-sfsu E-mail Address, and acceptance of the CSU Responsible Use Policy

    guest wireless registration form

  2. Click Register
  3. Note the Activation and the Expiration Time. You will have access to this network for 12 hours, which is renewable.

    guest wireless details login button

  4. Click Log In
    Note: You can connect only one device at a time to the SF State Guest Wireless Network

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What campus locations have wireless access?


The main Quad (large grassy outdoor area between the Cesar Chavez Student Center and the Business building), the outdoor area between the new Humanities building and the Cesar Chavez Student Center and the grassy area between Burk Hall and the Fine Arts building have campus wireless access.


Access points are installed at the following locations:

  • Downtown Center
  • Burk Hall
  • Business Building
  • Hensill Hall
  • Humanities Building
  • Ethnic Studies / Psychology Building
  • Student Services Building
  • Cesar Chavez Student Center 1st Floor
  • Cesar Chavez Student Center Jack Adams Hall
  • Cesar Chavez Student Center Rosa Parks
  • Cesar Chavez Student Center Upper and Lower Terraces
  • Cesar Chavez Student Center Mezzanine
  • New Children's Campus
  • Creative Arts McKenna Theatre
  • Creative Arts Building by Rooms 3, 40, 116, 119, 200, 260
  • Fine Arts Building by Rooms 140A and 160
  • HSS 1st Floor by Rooms 116, 127 and 144
  • HSS 2nd Floor by Rooms 209, 288, and 290
  • HSS 3rd Floor by Room 345
  • Science 1st Floor Faculty Hallway and by Rooms 145 and 167
  • New Admin 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, and 4th Floor Hallways
  • New Admin 5th Floor
  • Old Admin 1st Floor
  • Old Admin 2nd Floor ITS Area
  • Gym 1st Floor
  • Physical Therapy Trailer
  • Corp Yard Capital Planning/Facilities Building
  • Corp Yard Central Plant
  • Department of Public Safety (Corp Yard)

The ability to connect to an access point will vary depending on the distance from the point, obstructions/signal interference, and the number of users trying to simultaneously connect. The access point infrastructure is being actively upgraded to provide greater access throughout campus.


Wireless FAQ

Supported wireless cards

The campus wireless network will support any WiFi compatible 802.11g or 802.11n wireless cards.


Can I roam between hotspots?

The SF State wireless network allows for roaming between hotspots.


Is there a limit to the time I can stay connected to the SFStateGuest wireless network?

Currently there is a 12 hour access time limit.


Is printing possible while using the Wireless Network on Campus?

Printing is unavailable when connected to the wireless network on campus.


Is the SFStateGuest wireless network secure?

The SFStateGuest wireless network has limited internet/intranet connectivity and has limited intrusion protection.


What is the SSID for the guest wireless network?

The SSID (Service Set Identifier) for SF State's guest network is SFStateGuest (case sensitive).



Login Not Working

If you are unable to log in to the SF State guest wireless network, try the following:

  1. Make sure you are not trying to login on a second device.
  2. If you violate the CSU Responsible Use Policy your device will be blocked from the network and you will not be able to login.
  3. Submit the online service request form or send email to service@sfsu.edu.


My Wireless Card Won't Work

Make sure your wireless card is based on the IEEE 802.11g or 802.11n standard. Check the web site of the manufacturer of your wireless card for updated software and/or firmware drivers for your wireless card. If the manufacturer provides newer software and/or firmware updates for your wireless card ITS recommends you download and install the software/firmware. ITS also recommends you keep your Windows and/or Macintosh operating systems current and install critical and security updates as well as software related to your wireless card.


I Woke My Computer from Sleep Mode and Cannot Connect to the Guest Wireless Network

Computers frequently disconnect from the wireless network when entering a Sleep or Hibernation mode. Re-login after waking the computer.