Test Drive the New Wireless Network


SF State is testing a new wireless network named "SFState" that provides encrypted connectivity for wireless users. To use this network, enter the SF State login credentials and accept the "netauth.sfsu.edu" certificate when prompted. Once a device is registered, users will not need to reenter the login credentials for subsequent use.

For device configuration information, go to How to Connect to Secure Wireless Network “SFState”


Protect your computer and data


Cyber threats put SF State’s data at risk, including your personal information. SF State will never ask you to share your password.

You can help to protect the University as well as yourself. Here are seven important areas to review for safer and more secure computing.


San Francisco State University is committed to respecting and protecting the security and privacy of information it creates, uses, transmits and stores in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as well as reasonable business judgment, discretion, and common sense.

Please review and follow SF State’s IT and security policies. To learn how to protect your computer and personal information, visit the links above.

If you have any questions, or need assistance determining if a message is legitimate please contact the Division of Information Technology Help Desk (service@sfsu.edu, 415/338-1420).


Message sent to faculty, staff and students on 1/31/14.